OG YouTube Apk Features Updates

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OG YouTube Apk Features Updates.

OGYoutube is the best YouTube video downloader available so far. Any other person can think about using OG Youtube download favorite videos in the best quality. This application can support downloading YouTube videos MP3 format as well. You can not find on google play store.

OG YouTube apk features
OG YouTube Apk Features

What is OGYoutube?

YouTube does not provide users with the ability to download videos. As a result, people who use YouTube will need to use third party tools to download the videos that they come across on YouTube. That’s where OG Youtube comes into play drama.The look and feel offered by OGYoutube is pretty much similar to the official YouTube app. Therefore, any person who is familiar with the YouTube app will learn how to use OG Youtube app within a short period of time.

OGyoutube Apk Features

OGYoutube apk features is not just a YouTube video downloader. In addition to YouTube video downloads OGYoutube offers many other impressive features for the users as well. Here are some of the prominent features that the OGYoutube users can.

Download videos directly from YouTube

The ability to download videos from YouTube can be considered as the main feature offered by OGYoutube. It is the number one reason behind the popularity of this app as well. Whenever a person comes across an interesting video on YouTube, it is possible to use OG Youtube download it. Before initiating the download, it is possible to define the resolution of the video as well. OGYoutube supports HD quality video downloads and there’s nothing to complain about the speed of video downloads.

Play videos

  • OGYoutube can allow makes it possible for people to play downloaded videos and other stored videos on the device.
  • All the videos can be played in a customized resolution with this app.
  • This is a feature that can not be found in most of the video players available out there for the people to use.
  • User just needs to select the resolution and OGYoutube will start playing it.

Download multiple files at a time

With the help of OGYoutube, users will be able to go ahead with downloading multiple several files at a time point. This can keep the users away from the frustration of waiting for a long period of time until one file is finished downloading. Users of OG Youtube are provided with complete control on determining how many files should be there in the download queue at a time. It is possible to configure the number and there will be no impact on the overall app performance.

MP3 converter

OGYoutube is an effective MP3 converter as well. If a user wishes to extract the audio from a downloaded video file, it is possible to use OG Youtube and get the job done. The process of extracting mp3 from a video is easy as well also.

Renaming videos

When downloading a video from YouTube, users are provided with the ability to rename it as well. Hence, they don’t need to stick to the name that is given by YouTube. They can simply add any name as per their preferences and use. This can also, help the users to organize the files in a proper way within the device.

Background playing

This is an unique feature of OGYoutube, which is not available in most of the video players out there in the world. OGYoutube comes along with a built-in video player. This video player has the ability to play a video inthe background. As a result the users will be able to run different applications while playing the videos.

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